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Walking the bunnies

I like to get my rabbits out for a bit of exercise. It also helps me figure out what kinda stuff that grows on my property that the prefer to eat.

It is call function stacking. They get exercise and I get information on reducing my feed bill.

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Thanks for coming by… Be safe



The level of Spam this site gets is unreal. I’m getting 90 to 100 message of Spam for every A real actual message. It sure takes away from me posting. I’m going to have to work on a better method of filtering thru all this.

Had and issue

Seem my internet provider for my wedsite made some change to the login proceeder. It took me a bit to find out what was going on so I could get back into my acct.

It took me a bit to find out what was going on so I could get back into my acct.

Anyhow a bit, of and update on what’s going on.

Lost a breeding male rabbit to the heat. That suck bad.

Last week quail hatch was 1 bird. Of, course it didn’t make it.

Last week I bottle 6 plain and 6 cherry flavor bottles of Kombucha.

Last week I built a new Aquarium stand for a 75-gallon Aquarium that is attached to my 175 gallon Aquaponics system. I’m also reworking all the plumbing on that system. This systems pump is getting old and needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Leaning towards doing both to have a backup pump again.

This week I have had 3 quail hatch out and 2 made it so far. I’m having issues with the heat and baby birds not eating. I’m also working on getting the hatch rate up. Trying to collect the eggs before the heat of the day gets to them.

Also this week I’m working on building a chicken tractor out of an old swing set. Pictures will be coming on that one.

I have a few other things on the list. We will see how that works out.


Be safe people



Well, Tess didn’t have any babies. Time to try again. Last night She spent the night in Mystery. My male Rabbit.


Hoping for better luck this time.