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Walking the bunnies

I like to get my rabbits out for a bit of exercise. It also helps me figure out what kinda stuff that grows on my property that the prefer to eat.

It is call function stacking. They get exercise and I get information on reducing my feed bill.

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Chicken Tractor Done


Well, we got it done. Currently running two hens in the chicken tractor. I still need to add a better way to move it. It is a bit on the heavy side. Currently were using a dolly to lift the front end and move it. I’m considering adding two more wheels and a rope to pull it with. Luckily we don’t have to move it too often with only running two hens in it at the moment. If you have any suggestions. Sent them my way. I’ll let you know what we decide to do with this issue.

Overall I’m happy with the build. Few things I will consider if I build another chicken Tractor are Weight and Protecting the food from the elements a bit better. I have considered moving the feeder into the actual coop, but then the chickens will roost on it. Then I’d end up with chicken poop in the feed. I’m looking at a few different solutions. Haven’t decided on which one yet. If you have any suggestions. Sent them my way. I’ll let you know what we decide to do with this issue.

The hens, seem to be very happy and are laying two eggs a day.

20161014_083328 20161014_083346

I envision adding roster and putting breeding hens in this tractor. Then using the 40 by 40 coop and run to raise up chickens for other purposes. Such as extra egg production, Eating and Selling. I’m not sure on whether to run the eggs thru the incubator or to let the hens hatch them out. Not done this before and I’m sure there is some issue that I haven’t thought about yet both ways. But I’ll have to run that passed the Beautiful Redhead. It is after all her chicken setup.

Me and my big mouth got me into this project. Which isn’t really a bad thing, I have learned a lot. Had a lot fun doing it. Besides adding a skill to your tool bag is never a bad thing. It helps you make better homesteading decisions on your next go round.

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Aquaponics Update 9/23/16

Well it looks like my seed have gone bad. Might not be storing them as good as I should.

I got about a 1% germination rate. Not good for the home team. I will still get lettuces out of the system. Just not what I’m use to getting.

Lettuces Grow bed

I have found the leak on the other Grow bed tank and am in the process of repairing the leak. Here are a few pictures of the repair.

Inside Tank Repair

Inside Tank Repair

Outside Tank Repair

Outside Tank Repair

Hopefully this will fix my leak issue with this tank. If not I’ll replace it.


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Chicken Tractor ends close up

We got the outside wrapping of chicken wire Done. We’re going to use some Rabbit nest boxes as Nesting boxes for the chickens. We got the wood cut for the chicken ramp. We haven’t got it installed yet. She is going to do a little painting. Then we will install The ramp, and get the birds in it.

20160916_112553 20160916_112606

Working on the Chicken Tractor

We finally got back to do a little work on the chicken Tractor. Got the Door added for access to the whole unit.

A Little painting and wrapping it up with chicken wire, add some nest boxes and some straps to make it easier to move,  we should be good to go…. I kinda wish she would use something better than chicken wire. But that not my call. Oh might need to add a ramp so the chicken can get in the coop.

Added Door today

Added Door today

New Critters…

I had 5 Quail Hatch out. Pick up three more Rabbits. I started a batch of Mead. I have also aquired a pork belly that I’m going to cure into bacon from the farmers market.


Be safe People…


Another update on the chicken Tractor build

Well, the Chicken Tractor is starting to take shape. We got the back door and the entrance added today.

20160811_115826 20160811_115812

We are designing this Chicken Tractor to run 3 to 4 chickens. We are trying to keep the weight down. To keep it easy for one person to move. My woodworking skills are not the greatest thing in the world but they are improving with each project. I don’t think I’ll be good enough to build cabinets anytime soon, though. hehe

Kombucha Bottling Day

It is bottling day…

I made 8 bottles of Cherry Kombucha and 4 bottles of plain Kombucha and had enough to fill a quart ball jar. Which I have already have been sampling.


There are many ways to get fermented food and beverages into your life. Other than the acholic kinda. Every culture thru out history had some sort fermented food in their life on a daily basis. In the last 40 to 50 years the western diet has mostly omitted them. I feel that it is important for maintaining good health to include them in my diet too.

You might consider looking into fermented foods and beverages, to see if you are of the same opinion.

Take care and be safe people