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Aquaponics Update 9/23/16

Well it looks like my seed have gone bad. Might not be storing them as good as I should.

I got about a 1% germination rate. Not good for the home team. I will still get lettuces out of the system. Just not what I’m use to getting.

Lettuces Grow bed

I have found the leak on the other Grow bed tank and am in the process of repairing the leak. Here are a few pictures of the repair.

Inside Tank Repair

Inside Tank Repair

Outside Tank Repair

Outside Tank Repair

Hopefully this will fix my leak issue with this tank. If not I’ll replace it.


Be safe people.



Had and issue

Seem my internet provider for my wedsite made some change to the login proceeder. It took me a bit to find out what was going on so I could get back into my acct.

It took me a bit to find out what was going on so I could get back into my acct.

Anyhow a bit, of and update on what’s going on.

Lost a breeding male rabbit to the heat. That suck bad.

Last week quail hatch was 1 bird. Of, course it didn’t make it.

Last week I bottle 6 plain and 6 cherry flavor bottles of Kombucha.

Last week I built a new Aquarium stand for a 75-gallon Aquarium that is attached to my 175 gallon Aquaponics system. I’m also reworking all the plumbing on that system. This systems pump is getting old and needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Leaning towards doing both to have a backup pump again.

This week I have had 3 quail hatch out and 2 made it so far. I’m having issues with the heat and baby birds not eating. I’m also working on getting the hatch rate up. Trying to collect the eggs before the heat of the day gets to them.

Also this week I’m working on building a chicken tractor out of an old swing set. Pictures will be coming on that one.

I have a few other things on the list. We will see how that works out.


Be safe people


Filter Check on – 20-gallon Aquaponics System

Published on Jul 7, 2016


Well, I couldn’t stand it I had to check the canister filter on my 20-gallon aquaponics system. I added 4 biofilters and four new filters to catch fine particles It would have been five but I wanted the charcoal bag in there too. I have a canister filter for a 200-gallon aquarium on a 20-gallon aquaponics system. Yeah, I won’t need to mess with this until next year even if then because the water is going through a 20-gallon flood and drain grow bed too with just 11 Guppies in the tank. This setup should be able to handle about 2 pounds of fish with the filtration I have no. I have less than an ounce of fishes at the moment.

Mostly home grown BLT Sandwich

Well, this sandwich has a story. I grew the lettuce, I cure the bacon, (I know the bacon looks burnt, but it really isn’t. It looks darker than it really was in the picture.) I picked the tomato from Janie’s Garden. (I did help her build the boxes for her numerous raised bed gardens.) The two Quail eggs on top are from my birds. To top it all off a Bottle of Homebrewed Blueberry Kombucha.

20160705_115018 20160705_115834

Be safe people

20-gallon Aquaponics Two Weeks update

Been Growing for two weeks now. Time to start munching. I have a few tomatoes from raiding Janie’s garden.

20160629_120803_resized 20160629_120709_resized

Tomorrow I’m going to investigate repairing my other grow bed. I need to figure out whether It would be easier to repair it, or replace the grow bed. I also need to get some lava rock and get that stuff clean up. Then I’ll be able to get my 30-gallon system back online.

9 days after planting from seed

The growth rate of and indoor Aquaponics System is amazing. It has a lot to do with steady temps. It is summer time here and I keep my house between 72F and 75F. I have the aquarium tank heater set at 77F

Be safe people.


72 Hours After planting

72 Hours After planting, my indoor 20-Gallon indoor Aquaponics System.

This was planted 7am Wednesday Morning. These pictures were taken at about 7am Saturday Morning.

20160618_070209 20160618_070215 20160618_070233

Mustard Greens on the right and Lettuces on the left.

24 hours after planting

This grow bed will be thick will lettuce and mustard greens.

I would like to show just how productive a small system can actually be. You can grow most of your own greens. Unless you are juicing greens, I doubt you can eat it all.


Interesting day today….

First of all, We have babies!!!!


Yeppers, that right had 3 babies Guniea.

I had no Idea when they were due. Because Janie snitched them from a broody Hen. There are still 3 more eggs in the incubator. Maybe they hatch. If all of these make it. We will have double her Guniea Population, Plus whatever the Hen was able to hatch. There were 11 eggs still under her.


Now to the 20-gallon Aquaponics set up.

I managed to get it planted out at 7am Wednesday morning. I’ll admit it I’m a little wasteful with the seeds. But, have a look at it 26 hours later.


There are lettuce seed and Mustard greens. Oh did you notice the excellent spacing of the plants? Yea, I guess, I need to work on that.

I just love how fast thing progress in an Aquaponics system. My inside systems seem to produce so much faster than the one I have in the garage. I know it is because of more stable and cooler temperatures in the summer as well as warmer temperatures winter in the house.

I planted a grow bed in my 175-Gallon system in the garage 9 days ago. Here it’s progress.20160616_092923

I left the garage door open to air things out a bit and while I was mowing the back yard a sparrow found my grow bed and invited about 15 of his buddies to join him in a buffet of my salad greens.

Really I can’t complain. Things grow so much faster than being planted in the ground. Best of all I don’t have to crawl around on the ground to grow my fast growing annuals. I can’t grow too many, I have rabbits, birds, and fish that like to eat them.

Well, I’m sure something needs my attention. So I’ll close this post now. Be safe people.