Quail update

Well, I’m convinced I have a sick Incubator. All the bird that have hatch out from the first batch have died. That is the bad new. The good news is none of the bird from the second batch in a new incubator have died. Don’t remember they the farmers name. But I was told to replace you styrofoam incubators every 2 years. Because the incubator would get sick and you would get crappy hatch rate. I didn’t believe him. I do now. I don’t know of any methods of sterilizing styrofoam. If anyone has any suggestions please reply. I’m open for Ideas. Otherwise, I’ll have to replace the styrofoam.

Long story short I have more birds hatching out today. Thirteen hatched out yesterday. Looks like 5 or 6 more have hatched out today. I also have a few eggs with peep holes and those eggs are moving around a bit. So more birds to come. About noon I’ll transfer those bird to the brooder.

2 More Quail

Two more Quail have hatched out from the second batch. Up to twelve now. No Losses so far

Baby Quail

Well had two more babies from the first batch die. Down to one left from the first hatch. Pretty disappointing.

The second batch is starting to Hatch. 10 birds have hatched out so far. Hoping for better luck with this batch. Only one looks weak so far.


Critters all feed and water…

Lost one more baby quail this morning. I have 3 left out of this hatch. Pretty sad outcome. But that happens sometimes. I have another batch that should start hatching out today or tomorrow.

Mated Tess (Rabbit) My note tells me to put the nest box in her cage on the 17 or 18th. I haven’t checked her to see if she is really with child. Haven’t learned how to do that yet. I have three different females that have been mated. Staggered a week apart. Two of them are first-time mothers and haven’t had a litter that lived. Did not realize that rabbit has to learn how to be a mother. Just another learning curve I’m going thru.

My pH meter was jumping all over the place with it’s reading this morning. Guess I’ll give it a good cleaning and recalibrate it. The pH looks to be 6.5. That’s a bit lower than I like to see it. Anyway, I turn on the RO unit to top off my tank. That should be thru in about 10 hours.

Well, I have some meat coming off the smoker. I’m going to go eat.


And you don’t think they have eyes everywhere… hehe been less than 24hr since I have had the site up and I have already been scan by google. They don’t have me categorized yet. Heck, they were scanning me while I was still installing Word Press.