20 Gallon Aquaponics system

I have been living with a leak for a very long time, on my 20-gallon Aquaponics system. Today I took the system down to find the leak. I had plans on moving the 30-gallon system in its place. Well, that didn’t work out, it is too wide to fit where I would like to put it. Even if I did rearrange thing so it would fit I would have to move the light and rework how I had things plug in. I’m going to move the 30-gallon system outside for the summer. I took the grow bed from the 30-gallon system and Put it on the 20-gallon system in the mean time.

I found the leak on the grow bed for the 20-gallon system. There seems to be a pinhole leak in the middle of the tank. My choices are to replace the tank or attempt to repair it.

Starting to Feel a lot better…

Finally, I’m starting to get over whatever bug I got a few months ago. I manage to get the front and back yard mow in the same day. Without feeling like I killed myself. Doc what to send me for a bunch of Blood test to figure out exactly what I had. At this point, I really don’t care. I beat it. I’m not really interested in spending mass quantities of money on this.

In other news on the home front.

The Aquaponics system, I have gotten pH has stabilized at about 7.0

Mated Tess again on the 19th and 20th. We’ll see if this takes.

The most recent Quail have started laying eggs.


Be safe people… Talk to you later.



Mated Tess this evening. Sure, hope it takes this time.



I set my garden bed up and the prompt got sick. So nothing got planted.

I must have done something right because I have Mushrooms popping up.


Aquaponics System

Well, Reducing the size of the system had been and interesting exercise. The pH swings a bit faster now. I have to watch it a bit closer than before. I should have know that. I kept the same number of fish and took a 100 gallons water out of the system.


Well, the Newest quail have started laying eggs. Got 2 yesterday. I have 6 hens to work with. I’m going to pick out 3 rosters and all the others are going to either be sold or graduate. I’ll rebuild my flock from these.


Lost another baby. Down to two. Boy does Penelope pee a lot. I have to empty her drop pan 3 times a day or I have a mess on my hands. I don’t understand why she goes so much more than the other rabbits, I have. This is very hard to deal with.



The New Quail that I hatched out should start laying eggs here in the next week or so. I think I have 7 females. Time will tell, at how good I am at sexing baby quail.

Aquaponics System

Well, I Reduce the size of my big system by 100 gallons. One to many failures. I have 100-gallon sump tank and two 50-gallon grow beds. As well as the 75 gal aquarium that I keep the fish in. I have enough tanks to set up another system. Now if I can get the energy to do it. Still not 100% from being sick last month.

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