Out Playing with the Chickens

Out playing with the Chickens. Really I was checking on some of my handy work.

Checking out the Automatic Chicken Waters. That I installed at Janie’s place. It is working fine.



hehe, I raided her garden too, while I was checking to see if her sprinklers were all still in place.


Take care people


9 days after planting from seed

The growth rate of and indoor Aquaponics System is amazing. It has a lot to do with steady temps. It is summer time here and I keep my house between 72F and 75F. I have the aquarium tank heater set at 77F

Be safe people.


72 Hours After planting

72 Hours After planting, my indoor 20-Gallon indoor Aquaponics System.

This was planted 7am Wednesday Morning. These pictures were taken at about 7am Saturday Morning.

20160618_070209 20160618_070215 20160618_070233

Mustard Greens on the right and Lettuces on the left.

24 hours after planting

This grow bed will be thick will lettuce and mustard greens.

I would like to show just how productive a small system can actually be. You can grow most of your own greens. Unless you are juicing greens, I doubt you can eat it all.


Interesting day today….

First of all, We have babies!!!!


Yeppers, that right had 3 babies Guniea.

I had no Idea when they were due. Because Janie snitched them from a broody Hen. There are still 3 more eggs in the incubator. Maybe they hatch. If all of these make it. We will have double her Guniea Population, Plus whatever the Hen was able to hatch. There were 11 eggs still under her.


Now to the 20-gallon Aquaponics set up.

I managed to get it planted out at 7am Wednesday morning. I’ll admit it I’m a little wasteful with the seeds. But, have a look at it 26 hours later.


There are lettuce seed and Mustard greens. Oh did you notice the excellent spacing of the plants? Yea, I guess, I need to work on that.

I just love how fast thing progress in an Aquaponics system. My inside systems seem to produce so much faster than the one I have in the garage. I know it is because of more stable and cooler temperatures in the summer as well as warmer temperatures winter in the house.

I planted a grow bed in my 175-Gallon system in the garage 9 days ago. Here it’s progress.20160616_092923

I left the garage door open to air things out a bit and while I was mowing the back yard a sparrow found my grow bed and invited about 15 of his buddies to join him in a buffet of my salad greens.

Really I can’t complain. Things grow so much faster than being planted in the ground. Best of all I don’t have to crawl around on the ground to grow my fast growing annuals. I can’t grow too many, I have rabbits, birds, and fish that like to eat them.

Well, I’m sure something needs my attention. So I’ll close this post now. Be safe people.



Cycling continues…

I must have done something right…. Five days and all the Guppies are still alive!!!

I’m going to sprinkle some seeds in the system this evening and get the growing party started.


Fish Cycling system

Doing the fish cycling thing. Added 11 Guppies to the system to start the cycling process. That ought to be a soft start for this system. I’m not in a real big hurry here. This isn’t my first rodeo, I want it to start up properly.

The finial setup of my 20-gallon system

Ok, Got my 20-gallon Aquaponics system all set up and ready to cycle.

Starting at the top.

Lighting 125watt CFL light hooked up to a timer on a 12-hour cycle.

Growbed Bottom 1/3 of the grow bed is filled with, half an inch to 3/4 inch Lava Rock. The Top 2/3’s is Hydroton.

The water pump is a Cascade 1500 canister filter that is designed for up to 200-gallon aquarium. It has a 360-gallon and hour pump in it.

100-watt tank heater set at 78F

Four Inch Air stone tap into the air pump that is running the spirulina tanks.

Floating Turtle Grass as habitat for small fish to hide from larger ones.

20160608_040231 20160608_040242

Now I just need to turn it on and add fish to the aquarium, worms to the grow bed and some minerals because I used RODI water to fill the system. The ones I’m going to add are Iron, potassium, calcium as well as Azomite (rock dust) for trace minerals and a little bit of Epson salts.


Found a new and different kinda fungus in my grow bed.

20160606_083002 20160606_083014

I have never seen this kind.