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First Batch of Quail

Well, that didn’t go well. Had 3 birds hatch out and none of them made past the first week.Quail71316

All three of them had digestive track issues. Hope to have better luck this week.


Be safe


Making Kombucha

Here is my Kombucha Making and Bottling System


Kombucha is really easy to make. You can make it for Pennies a bottle.

You can adjust the flavors to suit your taste. This is the Crock that I make mine in. I also bottle my Kombucha from the same vessel.


Be safe people


3 New Baby Quail

Didn’t think I’d have a very good hatch rate. But that ok. I’ll keep hatching them till I get the number of bird that I want.


I’m putting 20 eggs a week in the incubator. Most of my birds are getting very old. Time for some new ones to replace the old ones.


Be safe people.


Filter Check on – 20-gallon Aquaponics System

Published on Jul 7, 2016


Well, I couldn’t stand it I had to check the canister filter on my 20-gallon aquaponics system. I added 4 biofilters and four new filters to catch fine particles It would have been five but I wanted the charcoal bag in there too. I have a canister filter for a 200-gallon aquarium on a 20-gallon aquaponics system. Yeah, I won’t need to mess with this until next year even if then because the water is going through a 20-gallon flood and drain grow bed too with just 11 Guppies in the tank. This setup should be able to handle about 2 pounds of fish with the filtration I have no. I have less than an ounce of fishes at the moment.

Curing your own bacon

Learning how to cure meat is and very old school thing to know.


I started with bacon. OMG, the taste is amazing. It also extends shelf life

Pork belly

1 part course sea salt by weight

1 part sugar by weight

Pat meat down on all side. Place on a cookie cooling rack and place in fridge with a pan or cookie sheet to catch any liquid the will come off the bacon. every day remove any liquid that ends up in the pan. Check to make sure it is still coated with your rub. You need to flip it every day to ensure and even cure of the bacon. When the bacon is stiff and no more liquid is coming off the bacon it is done. The best way to tell is to weigh you pork belly before you start and when it is finished. It should weight 18 to 25% less. This normally takes 4 to 7 days, From what I have researched up north they rinse off sugar and salt pat it down with cracked pepper, Most people would cold smoke it, some didn’t. In southern climates, everyone seemed cold smoke the bacon then they would hang it up in the kitchen.

There are many other ways to cure bacon. My choice of this method was because it was the simplest and least time-consuming one I could find.

Yea about the hang up in the kitchen thing… I know it will work but, I have plenty of room in the fridge. Besides, my house is a bit on the humid side, because of my aquaponics systems in the house.

Be safe people



Mostly home grown BLT Sandwich

Well, this sandwich has a story. I grew the lettuce, I cure the bacon, (I know the bacon looks burnt, but it really isn’t. It looks darker than it really was in the picture.) I picked the tomato from Janie’s Garden. (I did help her build the boxes for her numerous raised bed gardens.) The two Quail eggs on top are from my birds. To top it all off a Bottle of Homebrewed Blueberry Kombucha.

20160705_115018 20160705_115834

Be safe people

Continous Incubation of Quail

I have a friend that hatches, out 20 quail eggs a week. My set up is a little bit different than his. But I’m going to give it a try. I put 20 quail eggs down last Sunday along with 3 chicken eggs. Today I added 20 more eggs. Next Sunday I’ll put 20 more in and pull 20 eggs off of the egg turner and hopefully they hatch out in a few days after that.


Be Safe People….


20-gallon Aquaponics Two Weeks update

Been Growing for two weeks now. Time to start munching. I have a few tomatoes from raiding Janie’s garden.

20160629_120803_resized 20160629_120709_resized

Tomorrow I’m going to investigate repairing my other grow bed. I need to figure out whether It would be easier to repair it, or replace the grow bed. I also need to get some lava rock and get that stuff clean up. Then I’ll be able to get my 30-gallon system back online.

Pretty Rooster

This is one pretty boy…


Just couldn’t resist taking this picture. I was checking in on Janie’s birds and garden today.

Everything was looking good. I also raided her garden and got a few tomatoes and other stuff.

I did forget to check for eggs. Darn…


Be safe people.


Baby Guineas

Baby Guineas are doing fine. 5 out of 6 eggs Hatched. The fifth one that hatched didn’t make it. So I still have four bird that seems to be doing well.