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Aquaponics Update 9/23/16

Well it looks like my seed have gone bad. Might not be storing them as good as I should.

I got about a 1% germination rate. Not good for the home team. I will still get lettuces out of the system. Just not what I’m use to getting.

Lettuces Grow bed

I have found the leak on the other Grow bed tank and am in the process of repairing the leak. Here are a few pictures of the repair.

Inside Tank Repair

Inside Tank Repair

Outside Tank Repair

Outside Tank Repair

Hopefully this will fix my leak issue with this tank. If not I’ll replace it.


Be safe people.



Chicken Tractor ends close up

We got the outside wrapping of chicken wire Done. We’re going to use some Rabbit nest boxes as Nesting boxes for the chickens. We got the wood cut for the chicken ramp. We haven’t got it installed yet. She is going to do a little¬†painting. Then we will install The ramp, and get the birds in it.

20160916_112553 20160916_112606

Wrapping the chicken Tractor

We have pretty much got the chicken Tractor built. Just a few more things to do.

We have gotten most of it wrapped in chicken wire and we need to add a ramp for the chickens to get into the chicken coop and add some nest boxes. Everything seems to be going in slow motion with this build. Life seems to be getting in the way at every turn. But we will get it finished.

chickentractorwrap chickentractorwrap2