Curing your own bacon

Learning how to cure meat is and very old school thing to know.


I started with bacon. OMG, the taste is amazing. It also extends shelf life

Pork belly

1 part course sea salt by weight

1 part sugar by weight

Pat meat down on all side. Place on a cookie cooling rack and place in fridge with a pan or cookie sheet to catch any liquid the will come off the bacon. every day remove any liquid that ends up in the pan. Check to make sure it is still coated with your rub. You need to flip it every day to ensure and even cure of the bacon. When the bacon is stiff and no more liquid is coming off the bacon it is done. The best way to tell is to weigh you pork belly before you start and when it is finished. It should weight 18 to 25% less. This normally takes 4 to 7 days, From what I have researched up north they rinse off sugar and salt pat it down with cracked pepper, Most people would cold smoke it, some didn’t. In southern climates, everyone seemed cold smoke the bacon then they would hang it up in the kitchen.

There are many other ways to cure bacon. My choice of this method was because it was the simplest and least time-consuming one I could find.

Yea about the hang up in the kitchen thing… I know it will work but, I have plenty of room in the fridge. Besides, my house is a bit on the humid side, because of my aquaponics systems in the house.

Be safe people