Daily Archives: 05/31/2016

20 Gallon Aquaponics system

I have been living with a leak for a very long time, on my 20-gallon Aquaponics system. Today I took the system down to find the leak. I had plans on moving the 30-gallon system in its place. Well, that didn’t work out, it is too wide to fit where I would like to put it. Even if I did rearrange thing so it would fit I would have to move the light and rework how I had thingsĀ plug in. I’m going to move the 30-gallon system outside for the summer. I took the grow bed from the 30-gallon system and Put it on the 20-gallon system in the mean time.

I found the leak on the grow bed for the 20-gallon system. There seems to be a pinhole leak in the middle of the tank. My choices are to replace the tank or attempt to repair it.