Daily Archives: 04/05/2016

Moving Day for the baby Quail

My James Marie Meat maker Babies are 3 weeks old now. Time to go to the garage. Their Temporary home is a 40-gallon glass Aquarium in the garage. They will be there for a week maybe two until there big enough to go into the Breeding pen.

Should start getting eggs at 8 weeks old and in full egg production at 10 weeks old. Then the incubator is going to get a workout. I’m going to run a continuous hatch of 18-gram eggs. Till I get 60 hens laying 18-gram eggs or better. All the eggs that don’t make the cut are going to get eaten or sold. All the birds that can’t lay and 18-gram egg are going to meet the same.  My goal is big birds and big eggs. It is not going to happen by itself. So I have to actively pursue that goal. If I have to acquire more eggs to pull this off that what I’ll do

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