Daily Archives: 04/02/2016

Penelope had babies

Penelope had babies while I was out at PJ farm. Not getting my hope up here. She hasn’t proven that she is going to be a good mom yet. She had 3 on the wire and one outside the cage on the floor. Maybe she will get the hang of this mom thing. Just 4 baby. I really need to search the garage floor. She had 8 last time.


Visit to PJ Farm

I Had a good visit. Check out the animal watering systems that I installed. The one for the Chickens has a minor leak that needs to be, take care of. The one I set up for the rabbits is working like a champ.

We walked the property and had a look at the ponds on the property. The only one that really has any life in it is the one we put a dozen minnows in. Really need to do that to the other two ponds.

Oh, The Bluebonnets are blooming.