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Restocking Aquaponics system

My days of running Tilapia in my Aquaponics system are numbered. Just got 100 copper nose Blue-Gil. The switch is to create a more resilient, system. The power requirements, of Tilapia, were just getting to be excessive.


Life Tips and Tricks #1

Life Tips and Tricks, to smooth out life up’s and downs

Tip # 1


Ever lost a wallet or for you ladies a purse?

Not fun is it. It can be a horrifying feeling. How am I going to replace my Driver licence, Oh crap my debit card was in there. What about all the other important thing you keep in your wallet . Some are very hard to replace?

Well, let’s do a little prep work just in case it ever happens again.

Step #1 – Photo Copy everything you have in your wallet.

Step #2 – Make a list of all the account numbers and the phone numbers of all your bank cards and Credit cards. If the wallet isn’t found in a short amount of time. You may need to place a hold or completely shut off those cards

Step #3 – Figure what you are going to need, to replace each of these items.

Step #4 – Gather up all the info. And necessary documentation and Put them in a folder called “Lost Wallet” and File it away.

This doesn’t make losing your wallet any more fun. But it Solves the what the heck do I do now.

You’re ready. Pull out your lost wallet folder¬†and call cancel and replace all your card and go get replacement ID’s and Driver’s license and what ever else is necessary to have in your wallet.