Monthly Archives: April 2016

Aquaponics Systems

Well While I was down, the pH of my main system went a bit south on me. It is going to take a bit to get it back to where it needs to be.

I have shut down my 30-gallon system. I need to pull it apart and find out what issue is with it killing fish. The problem is it has a dead spot in the grow bed. When I get that fixed I’ll bring it back up.

My 20-gallon system Is leaking. So I need to tear it apart find the leak and get that fixed.

Going to take a bit to get all this on the todo list.

Lesson learned

Who can you depend on to take care of your animals?

When you can’t for whatever the reason.

A lot of people say they will. But when it come to cleaning out a poop tray, all of a sudden they have short term memory loss.

You need to find and train this person and pay this person before it ever becomes an issue.


Lost a Bunny

Somehow one of the babies got underneath the towel and got step on by Penelope. It really sucks finding a dead bunny. I guess that the stuff you have to deal with when you raise rabbits.

I tried to mate Bonnie yesterday but she was having none of that. Guess I’ll try again this evening. See if she is a bit more receptive.


Moving Day for the baby Quail

My James Marie Meat maker Babies are 3 weeks old now. Time to go to the garage. Their Temporary home is a 40-gallon glass Aquarium in the garage. They will be there for a week maybe two until there big enough to go into the Breeding pen.

Should start getting eggs at 8 weeks old and in full egg production at 10 weeks old. Then the incubator is going to get a workout. I’m going to run a continuous hatch of 18-gram eggs. Till I get 60 hens laying 18-gram eggs or better. All the eggs that don’t make the cut are going to get eaten or sold. All the birds that can’t lay and 18-gram egg are going to meet the same.  My goal is big birds and big eggs. It is not going to happen by itself. So I have to actively pursue that goal. If I have to acquire more eggs to pull this off that what I’ll do

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Kits are 24 hours old

Kits are 24 hours old and seem to be doing ok. Sure hope mom is feeding them. I’ll find out soon I guess.

I set an 100 watt IR heat lamp on the top of the cage. Because of found one of the kits on the floor. It was cold and I set him under the lamp to warm him up. Few hour later all the kits were sitting under the lamp. So I left it there. They have a warm spot even if mom is not in the nest box.

I choose to not put the bottom in the nest box because Penelope seems to use the nest box as a litter box. This is not good for the babies. I’ll have to figure something out. But the kits don’t need to get inundated with rabbit piss.


Penelope had babies

Penelope had babies while I was out at PJ farm. Not getting my hope up here. She hasn’t proven that she is going to be a good mom yet. She had 3 on the wire and one outside the cage on the floor. Maybe she will get the hang of this mom thing. Just 4 baby. I really need to search the garage floor. She had 8 last time.